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GIGALI-HVI-61 LF100LA High Pressure Plug Box

Energy Storage Batteries

GIGALI-HVI-61 LF100LA High Pressure Plug Box

GIGALIT has developed and produced their own prismatic LFP battery cell for their battery pack. This cell has many benefits, including high safety, longer cycle life, high consistency, excellent charge/discharge performance, and eco-friendliness. The battery pack has a capacity of 51.2V 100Ah and can be used in household ESS by connecting up to 12 packs in series.

  • Rated voltage voltage 614.4V (12packs in series)
  • Rated capacity 100Ah (25℃,0.5C)
  • Rated energy 61.44kWh
  • Standard charge current Standard charge current
  • Max charge current Max charge current
  • Max charge current 681.6V (Cell :3.55V Pack :56.8V)
  • Standard discharge current 50A(0.5C)
  • Maximum discharge current Maximum discharge current
  • Discharging cut-off voltage cut-off voltage 518.4V (Cell :2.7V Pack :43.2V)
  • Operating temperature of charge 0℃~60℃
  • Operating temperature of discharge -20 ° ℃~60℃
  • Storage temperature(Within 1 month)) -20℃~45℃
  • Storage temperature(Within 1 year)) 0℃~35℃
  • High pressure box weight 13kg ±lkg
  • Dimension L×W×H 600mm×600mm×2100mm (tolerance±5mm)not include foot of rack
  • Design life 10 years

LF100LA Features(Battery cell)

- GIGALI factory design is intelligent and ensures high-performance consistency.

- The structure is made of square aluminum shells, equipped with high-precision explosion-proof valves, and boasts high safety performance.

- The internal resistance is low, the discharge rate is high, and the discharge platform is stable.

- It has a long cycle life, and after 4000 cycles at 1C/1C, the capacity retention rate is over 80%.

- It's environmentally friendly and green.



System wiring diagram



Product Advantages

  • 65a0a68d9h

    Quick Installation

    - Lightweight design, weight <50kg

    - Quick plug interface to prevent errors
    - BMS automatic identification code (except wall-mounted products)

    - Reduce installation manpower, only needed two people.
    -  Quick-plug wiring to reduce installation time
    -  Compatible with mainstream inverters

  • nbnmbn44r

    Safety and Security

    - BMS stores over 10,000 items throughout its life cycle

    - Adoption of air switch + disconnector design (wall-mounted product)

    - Real-time upload of operational data to PCS
    Multiple security to ensure worry-free product operation

    - PCS can monitor product status in real time and reduce customer usage risks

  • 65a0a68b2s

    High Adaptability

    - Meets 20℃~60℃ environment                            

    - BMS full life cycle storage over 10000 items
    - Minimum installation area of 0.08 square meters (wall-mounted products)

    Fearless of the cold and the heat
    Reduced covered area