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GLAM48160 Golf Cart Batteries: High Power, High Mileage Options! Elevate Your Ride with 24V/36V/48V/72V Variants

LiFePO4 Golf Carts Batteries

GLAM48160 Golf Cart Batteries: High Power, High Mileage Options! Elevate Your Ride with 24V/36V/48V/72V Variants

Experience unbeatable power and endurance with GLAM48160 Golf Cart Batteries - Available in 24V, 36V, 48V, and 72V configurations! Elevate your golfing journey with these high-performance batteries, delivering exceptional mileage and reliability for your every ride. Choose GLAM48160 for a ride like never before! ⚡️⛳️🔋

  • Nominal Voltage 51.2V
  • Nominal capacity 160Ah
  • Working voltage 40-58.4V
  • Energy 8.19kwh
  • Battery type LiFePO4
  • Protection class P65
  • Lifecycle >4000times
  • Self-Discharge(per month)
  • Weight 68.8kg
  • Dimensions(L*W*H) 778mm*360mm*225mm
  • Standard Charge 50Ah
  • Discharge Current 250A
  • Max.Discharge 600A

Introducing our cutting-edge lithium battery option tailored for golf cart aficionados seeking top-tier performance and reliability. Meet the GL-AM48160, meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of golf cart enthusiasts, offering a modern solution to enhance your driving experience to the fullest.

battery_5184247.pngSuperior Lithium Battery for Golf Carts:

Packed with power, the GL-AM48160 boasts a robust 48V, 105Ah capacity, providing ample energy for efficient golf cart operation. Featuring advanced EVE cells, this battery guarantees stability and reliability, positioning it as a standout choice in the market for golf cart battery upgrades.

parallel_11050290.pngOptimized for Golf Cart Excellence:

Tailored with a larger box size, the GL-AM48160 is designed to meet a wide range of customer preferences and requirements, allowing for easy integration and customization to suit your golf cart's needs.

battery_5184247.pngDurable and Reliable Construction:

Built to last, the GL-AM48160 is engineered for durability to withstand regular use, ensuring prolonged enjoyment of your golf cart adventures. Its compact design and high energy output make it an ideal option for fleet operators looking to optimize space and resources.

⏰ Hassle-Free Maintenance:

Experience the convenience of zero upkeep with the GL-AM48160, eliminating the need for regular maintenance typically associated with lead-acid batteries. This self-regulating battery is a cost-effective choice for fleet operators seeking to reduce downtime and maintenance expenses.

power_13723905.pngAdvanced Technology for Peak Performance:

Equipped with an innovative Battery Management System (BMS) and lithium-ion chemistry, the GL-AM48160 delivers superior performance and efficiency. The high energy density of lithium-ion technology combined with the BMS ensures consistent and optimal battery operation throughout its lifespan.

In summary, the GL-AM48160 stands out as the ultimate lithium battery choice for golf carts, offering unparalleled power, durability, and maintenance-free advantages. With state-of-the-art EVE cells, tailored design features, and cutting-edge technology, this battery represents the pinnacle of innovation in the golf cart battery market. Elevate your golf cart experience with the GL-AM48160 and discover a new level of performance and reliability on the greens. ⛳




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