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48V 100Ah GIGALI LVW-5.0 Battery Pack (Wall Mount)

Energy Storage Batteries

48V 100Ah GIGALI LVW-5.0 Battery Pack (Wall Mount)

Experience the GIGALI 48V 100Ah Wall Mount Battery Pack, engineered for safe and efficient home energy storage.

Easy to install and capable of connecting up to 15 packs in parallel, it's certified by UN38.3, IEC62619, and CE for quality assurance.

With a focus on eco-friendliness and longevity, GIGALI is your ideal choice for a sustainable home.

  • Configuration 1P16S
  • Rated capacity 100Ah
  • Rated voltage 48V
  • Voltage range 40.5V-53.25V
  • Charging current limiting 20A(0.2C)
  • Standard charge current 50A(0.5C)
  • Maximum charge current 50A(0.5C)
  • Maximum discharge current 100A(1C)
  • Internal resistance ≤30mΩ
  • Operating temperature Charge 0℃~65℃ Discharge -20℃~65℃
  • Delivery state 25%~70% SOC
  • Dimension L×W×H (560±2.0)mm*(480±2.0)mm(130±1.0)mm
  • Weight 48±2kg
  • IP rating IP20
  • Storage temperature Within 1 month -20℃~45℃ Within 1 year 0℃~35℃
  • Storage humidity
  • Charge/discharge capacity efficiency ≥97%
  • Application altitude ≤3000m

GIGALI 48V 100Ah Wall Mount Battery Pack, engineered for household energy storage application scenarios. This innovative solution is built upon the robust EVE prismatic LFP battery cell LF100LA, renowned for its high safety, extended cycle life, and environmentally friendly design.

Delve into the key features of our product:

  1. Compact Size and Easy Installation: The GIGALI battery pack is meticulously designed to be compact and straightforward to install, ensuring a seamless integration into your home's energy setup. Its wall-mount design means it can be effortlessly mounted, saving valuable space and reducing installation hassle.
  2. Product Diversification through Parallel Solutions: We understand that every household has unique energy needs. That's why our battery packs are designed to offer flexibility through parallel configurations, with the capability to connect up to 15 packs in parallel, allowing you to tailor your energy storage capacity to your specific requirements.
  3. Long Cycle Life and High Safety: The GIGALI battery pack prides itself on delivering a long cycle life, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for your home. Our commitment to safety means that rigorous standards are met to protect your household.
  4. Certified to International Standards: With certification that meets UN38.3, IEC62619, and CE, our battery packs undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety benchmarks, providing you with peace of mind.

Powered by the EVE cell LF100LA (3.2V 102Ah), the GIGALI battery pack boasts exceptional charge/discharge performance, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your energy storage. Committed to eco-friendly practices, this battery pack is pollution-free, aligning with our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.

At GIGALI, we don't just offer a product; we provide a complete energy solution. Our diverse offerings are adaptable to any household ESS scenario, and our team is dedicated to crafting personalized solutions based on your needs.

Discover the GIGALI difference – where innovation meets sustainability, and quality is never compromised. Elevate your home's energy storage game with the GIGALI 48V 100Ah Wall Mount Battery Pack – the smart choice for a safer, greener, and more efficient home



  • 65a0a68a5c

    Quick Installation

    - Lightweight design, weight <50kg
    - Quick plug interface to prevent errors
    - BMS automatic identification code (except wall-mounted products)

    - Reduce installation manpower, only needed two people.
    -  Quick-plug wiring to reduce installation time
    -  Compatible with mainstream inverters

  • 65a0a68oop

    Safety and Security

    - BMS stores over 10,000 items throughout its life cycle
    - Adoption of air switch + disconnector design (wall-mounted product)

    - Real-time upload of operational data to PCS
    Multiple security to ensure worry-free product operation

    - PCS can monitor product status in real time and reduce customer usage risks

  • 65a0a68dpn

    High Adapbility

    - Meets 20℃~60℃ environment                            
    - BMS full life cycle storage over 10000 items
    - Minimum installation area of 0.08 square meters (wall-mounted products)

    Fearless of the cold and the heat
    Reduced covered area