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Gigali Energy Co., Ltd. ("the Manufacturer") provides a warranty for each Gigali Power.
LiFePO4 lithium battery, known as "the Product," is warranted free from defects for 5 years, which is referred to as "the Warranty Period." This warranty starts from the date of shipment and can be confirmed by either the AWB or B/L and/or the battery serial number. During the three-year warranty period, the Manufacturer will replace or repair the Product and/or its parts if found to be defective in materials or workmanship, subject to the exclusions set forth below. After the third year, the Manufacturer will only charge for replacement parts and courier charges if found defective in materials or workmanship.

Warranty Exclusions:

The manufacturer is not obligated under this limited warranty for products that have been exposed to the following conditions, including but not limited to: 
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    Damage Caused By Improper Installation, Loose Terminal Connections, Undersized Cabling, Incorrect Connections (Series And Parallel) For Desired Voltage And Ah Requirements, Or Reverse Polarity Connections.
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    The product may be damaged by environmental factors such as inappropriate storage conditions as defined by the manufacturer, exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), fire, freezing, or water.
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    Damage caused by collision.
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    Damage due to improper maintenance, including under- or over-charging the product or dirty terminal connections.
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    The product may be damaged if it has been modified or tampered with.
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    The product may be damaged if used for purposes other than those for which it was designed. This includes repeated engine starting.
  • 64e3265lu2
    The product was utilized with an oversized inverter/charger without the use of a manufacturer-approved current surge limiting device.
  • 64e3265lu2
    The product was insufficiently sized for the application, which includes an air conditioner or similar device with a locked rotor startup current that is not used in conjunction with a manufacturer-approved surge-limiting device.